Reembracing our home as our sanctuary whether single or married creates a place where we can truly live, make and do things that free us from outside influences. A home of peace and sanity where people live, cook, and dwell show signs of life and vitality. It's a productive yet peaceful home.

 Brunch and Sew Memphis Lifestyle Blog shares how to reembrace modern homemaking with cleaning schedules 

To ensure it stays peaceful, which is our goal, means establishing routine and create a modern homemaking or housekeeping schedule that fits with your lifestyle. It may seem quite weird for some of you but the basics of housekeeping and routines either some of us don't know or just can't keep up with in this life of busyness. The trick to creating a peaceful home that works for you is to create routines that are designed around life, that allows you to ultimately design it. I'll be honest I am not a naturally tidy person who wears a badge of OCD honor. I grew up with a mother who was but the apple fell from the tree--just a tad. However, over the past couple of months of redefining creative living and reembracing modern homemaking I realized it's not that hard. 

 Brunch and Sew Memphis Lifestyle Blog shares ways to re-emmbrace modern homemaking with cleaning routines

You can build a home care routine that will magically transform your home into a place of serenity, creativity, comfort and fun. To make it work, you have to establish a schedule or routine. Daily routines, regular cleaning maintenance--not just straightening up, and what I call deep cleaning. Let's go into the basics of daily care with a morning and evening routine. 

 Brunch and Sew Memphis Lifestyle Blogger shares tips for creating a home cleaning routine


The goal of a morning routine is to make your home a peaceful place to retreat to after an entire day spent away at work or school. Adapting a much more productive morning routine has really shifted my life and my focus. I zoom in on two major areas of my house that are prone to be a "hot mess" daily--one the kitchen and two the bathroom. My morning routine ensures that every day at those areas are always tidy and back in order when I "get off" work (hands up for the work from home "homers"). Every morning, after cooking breakfast I wash the dishes we quickly messed up and wipe the cabinets done. As for the bathroom, after showering I immediately clean the tub, spot wipe the mirror and clean the sink from makeup and toothpaste residue. Toss trash away from the wastebasket and done. 

Five or ten minutes of a quick cleaning burst in the morning allows me time for a little self care like reading a chapter of a book, meditating, painting my nails or just scrolling through social media for a second. It also gives me a jump start on preparing for dinner. I suggest pulling the meat out to unthaw or prepping veggies in a slow cooker to get a little headstart. I was so stressed working 9-5 getting home to cook dinner at 6:30. TIRED.COM


The goal of the evening routine is to make sure when you rise every morning you wake up calm and in a clean home. There is nothing like waking up stressed in a chaotic home. I look at my evening routing is Operation Preparation. There aren't particular zones or rooms to clean but rather a get prepared for the next day approach to make life seamless. Here are some common evening tasks that have helped me wake up peaceful and ready to take on the day. 

  • Set out clothes for the next day
  • Pack lunches both mine and the kid
  • Prepare everything needed to run errands during lunch or after work. 
  • Check homework.
  • Load a load of laundry
  • Wipe down kitchen counter, table and sink after dinner
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Nighttime self care ritual---bath, read, journal 
  • Unplug from social media 


They key to success to housekeeping is making a list and just doing it. Write down your morning and evening routines and place them somewhere that you know you'll see it. My lists are always in the kitchen. If things get to be a little overwhelming and you feel like it's too much, start with the evening routine. It will set the pace for you and eventually after waking up calm and ready, you'll be able to get the morning routine rolling.