Women are in a very unique and powerful place at this very moment where we have the abilities to reenvision how we and the people we love live.  Simply by redefining creative living, particularly in our homes. The gals here over at Brunch and Sew aspire to help other women unlock their creativity and both rediscover and redefine what creative living means. We believe that every human being is an artist and every single moment of their life should be their canvas. Why not show the outward reflection of art, creativity, beauty in your homes. Our homes are our grounding place, our sanctuary, the place where we escape from the digital stress of the world, where we can freely be both extroverts and introverts, where we relax and retreat. 

 Brunch and Sew Memphis Lifestyle Blogger shares how to redefine creative living with modern homemaking 

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Women have come such a long way, and yet I worry when I look at our upcoming generation of young girls. There are certain skills that are being lost in the fog of the corporate world. I, and many others have not been trained to run our homes effectively. The rules and ideas of homemaking have changed along with our lifestyles. We want to naturally weave those new rules and our ideas into a more integrated design that gives our families a new pattern of creative homemaking. So, we'd like to begin creating content that is a new guide for creative living or as our grandmothers proudly named it homemaking. 

 Brunch and Sew Memphis LIfestyle Blogger features how to redefine modern and creative living 

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In Redefining Creative Living with Modern Homemaking, we'd like to find a new, more rewarding balance between the simple yet still refined lives of our mothers and grandmothers with our connected and advanced lives. We want to give both practical ideas and big picture perspective that will inspire us to rediscover the lost art of homemaking. Ultimately, reembrace the abandoned home economics. 

 Brunch and Sew Memphis Lifestyle Blogger shares redefining creative living with modern homemaking 

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 Follow along as we design the modern home, discuss it's larger meaning simple acts of service that you can do to help your family to thrive. We hope we can help each other to learn how to set the atmosphere in our homes, create a more sustainable life, cook dinners from foods we grow or from people who grow them, make your own beauty products,  how to make the most of your morning and evening hours, how to set a cleaning schedule, how to write a to-do list that works and how to find joy while doing it. 

We hope you all will join us in creating a community of women who will boldly move forward in redefining creative living.