Decorate Using Throw Pillows

We're covering the stylish in domesticated. No it's not a fashion post today but rather your stylish home. Our mantra here at Brunch and Sew is "a woman's home should be just as fabulous as she is". We are all for a woman having a well styled home. Decorating with statement pieces and attention to detail like using throw pillows as an interior designer's trick. Here's how to decorate your home beautifully using throw pillows. 

A quick and easy way to update your home is in styling your sofa. No we aren't even bothering with purchase a new sofa. Give your loved sofa some special attention in the form of new pillows. 

If you are design aesthetic is any similar to mine.. here's how to achieve a modern look. 

+ It's all in the numbers and placement--- Go for an odd number, like three or five, rather than more traditional pairs. A few big pillows look cleaner than a jumble of smaller ones. I like to place two over sized pillows and then fill in the space with smaller pillows. 

Here's a quick pointer start with a pair of 22″ or 20″ square pillows on the outside, and adding a different-shaped single pillow in the middle. Some of my favorites are: a lumbar, a neck roll or  round pillow, or a boxed rectangle.

+ Shapes, sizes, and textures, OH MY! ---  Your couch is the focal point in your home so you have to make it super pretty. Playing with prints and fabric isn't rocket science but there is a method to follow.

Channel your interior designer spirit and learn how to make your own throw pillows at our next live Brunch and Sew Workshop. We are teaching our guests how to make luxury oversized throw pillows. They are perfect for adding bold statements to your living space.