Brunch and Sew Peplum Tops

 I would never had fathomed the idea of Brunch and Sew growing at the rate it is. Last year, Kamesha and I, over lunch were brainstorming ideas of one simple event in which we shared our love of sewing and sharing it with other through instructing construction of a project. Our first workshop was great, please don't get me wrong, but now we sell out every single month. We began with over sized pillows to now peplum tops. OMG!

With time, we have grown and changed things up a bit to fit our brand aesthetic now and for that we are stoked. It's an honor to recap our latest Brunch and Sew workshop held this past weekend. 

TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE ...I always begin prep work a few days before as there are many components such as event logistics, pattern and fabric cutting, and food preparation.  Sometimes, I'm blessed with a little helper to come along and get the workspaces organized and ready for the guests. 

I love every element of Brunch and Sew... I promise I do. But, at the beginning of every workshop we have a really cool "icebreaker" that gets me so excited. Illustrating these die cut "Brunch and Sew dolls" is super fun but seeing how the guests totally take them to another level with their coloring and designs is beyond cool. 

EVERY single one lady left with a completely finished garment in which they made themselves. Upon registration, I feel the tension and nervous almost immediately when they say "But I've never sewn before" My reply is simple.. You'll leave with your piece on your back. THEY DID!

Registration for our next workshop is open now and I'd love to have you all. We're making circle skirts sooooooo....