Brunch and Sew Kimono

So very sorry for the late recap. It's better late than never. We had such a great time at our last Brunch and Sew worksho, held at the beautiful K'Presha in downtown Memphis, that now I'm proud to recap the event. 

As we approached the New Year, that's the Brunch and Sew team, our goal was to begin teaching our registrants how to make pieces for their wardrobe. While pillows are amazing, we began to get feedback on the projects in which they were interested in. Of course, everyone wanted to learn how to make cardigans, blouses, skirts and such. 

So here we are at our first B+S for the New Year making kimonos. The project was inspired by our founders DIY Kimono project that was so easy and chic and perfect essential piece to your wardrobe.

Before we began the instructional portion of the workshop, we had to get all of the hard stuff out of the way. Not really?! During every Brunch and Sew workshop we all engage in a very cool "ice breaker" exercise in which we color the signature Brunch and Sew dolls designed by our event designer Kamesha Hervey Richard + illustrated by Andrea Fenise 

We were now ready to hear our machines sing to us while sewing those beautiful cardigans. Normally, we have a very good mix of beginners and intermediate sewers at each Brunch and Sew. Therefore, I make sure everyone is comfortable before we begin with a warm up sewing exercise and an overview of machine operation. It doesn't take long before everyone is fully comfortable and confident and anxious to begin. 

January's group made me so so so proud everyone pretty much sewed on their own without my facilitating. Ultimately, that is the goal! 

Porsche has been to at least 3 or 4 Brunch and Sew workshops now. I almost teared up while she fitted her cardigan before hemming. 

Aleshia has now been to two Brunch and Sew workshops now. In a matter of an hour, she constructed her cardigan, hemmed it and wore it out. Proud... I am indeed!

LOOK AT THIS! Everyone completed their cardigan. We rushed outside to catch the sunlight for a photo opp before completely hemming. WOW! Thank you to all of my girlies who attended January. Can't wait to see you in March!

Our next Brunch and Sew workshop is open for registration. Super excited to instruct peplum top construction. Hope to see you there.